Rita Zoey Chin

books & writing


selected prose

"Mothering Moss"
"Consigning the fun-house image of myself to the past"
The Boston Globe
"Playing With Fear: How Oracle Cards Taught Me To Ask More Honest Questions"
Literary Hub
"7 Books Starring Characters with Rare Abilities"
Electric Literature
"7 Writing Tips That Also Apply to Life"
Writer's Digest
Guernica/PEN Flash Series
Letter series
The Rumpus
"Liberty Road"
Freerange Nonfiction
"The Black Wing of Duende"
NY Arts Magazine
"When Panic Attacks"
Marie Claire

selected poetry

"Dried Preparation of the Hand"
Blackbird Review
"Torso No. 3 (Curved Spine)"
Blackbird Review
32 Poems
Tin House
Poet Lore