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“Luminous”  – Publishers Weekly

“A clear-eyed book written with poetry and compassion” — The Boston Globe

“A near euphoric ode to the human spirit” — Huffington Post

“This is a story full of lightning—sudden, intimate, radiant.” — Paul Yoon, bestselling author of Snow Hunters

“LET THE TORNADO COME is as riveting as it sounds.” — Vaddey Ratner, bestselling author of In the Shadow of the Banyan

“I fell in love with her book from the very first line.” — Mira Bartók, bestselling author of The Memory Palace

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In this compelling and courageous debut memoir, Rita has just moved to the Boston area, to her dream house in a sweet town with a good man, when she is struck suddenly by panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere. Within weeks, she is incapacitated with fear—literally afraid of her own shadow. Realizing that she is facing a life of psychological imprisonment, Rita undertakes a journey to find help through a variety of treatments ranging from standard therapies to the most unusual. But when these treatments fail and not even her husband, chairman of Boston Medical Center’s neurosurgery department, can help her, Rita is forced to take a different kind of journey, back to a past she has, until now, kept hidden: her teenage years as a runaway. As she reaches toward her younger self, she discovers answers in the most unexpected places, along with a passion she thought she could never pursue: her love of horses. This leads her to a small roadside barn, and ultimately to meeting Claret, a mischievous but huge-hearted horse with anxiety problems of his own. Rita and Claret instantly form a bond, but that bond will be tested, and when everyone gives up on Claret and Rita is told to sell him for a dollar, she will be forced to finish the rest of her journey through panic alone in order to help him. Let the Tornado Come is a triumphant story about pulling yourself up out of the dark and discovering that the greatest freedom lies not in running from, but turning towards, those things that frighten you the most.

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